about us

Established in 2002, Advantech Industries is a full-service sheet metal fabrication and assembly facility located in Rochester, NY. A state-of-the-art CNC machining, sheet metal fabricator and assembler dedicated to producing and maintaining the highest level of quality parts, components, and assemblies in the industry. We are a contract manufacturer providing build-to-print metal component parts and assemblies to the defense, medical, aerospace, power generation, communication, electronics and many other industries.


With our new 125,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in place, and an additional 115,000 sq. ft. combined from our other two locations here in the US, we continually strive to maintain the latest technology and equipment for our customers. Our continuing investment in the latest technology, modern facilities, and strong commitment to our customers becomes proven once partnered with our company. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and totally dedicated to the “Partnership Approach” philosophy whether it be in Sales, Engineering Support, Manufacturing,


Assembly, Quality, or Customer Service. Customers, small and large, are treated equally at Advantech. Quality and delivery are a given. Customer Service is what we have built our reputation on and is a basis for our future growth.


Case Thumb Metal Forming

Laser Cutting
With our automated lasers we can cut 3/8" aluminum, 1/2" stainless steel and 1 1/4" mild steel with little setup and no tooling.

Case Thumb Metal Stamping

CNC Machining
Our CNC machines can perform operations with extreme accuracy and consistency.

Case Thumb Metal Punching

From a simple spot weld to a 10' x 10' frame with over one hundred welds, we have the capability and capacity.

Case Thumb Assembly and Secondary Operations

With our Fabrivision digital scanner, we can scan parts and import the CAD files to compare the dimensions.

Case Thumb Assembly and Secondary Operations

Mission Critical Mfg
The utilization of every department which is solely dedicated to support quick turn parts and assemblies



Department of Defense




Power Generator\Energy


Consumer Products & Equipment


Sheet Metal Components

Complex Machined Parts

Electro Mechanical Assemblies

Imaging Systems

Electrical Enclosures



Armor Products

Complex Frames


Case Thumb Metal Forming

Metal Forming
Our Press Brake Department consists of machines ranging from 4' by 55 tons to 14' by 242 tons, giving us a full range of capabilities.

Case Thumb Metal Stamping

Metal Stamping
We have stamping capabilities up to 165 tons .


Case Thumb Metal Punching

Metal Punching
Our new EM2510 high speed servo driven CNC turret punch press is capable of forming and tapping scratch free blanks.

Case Thumb Assembly and Secondary Operations

Assembly & Finishing
We provide upper level value added electro-mechanical assembly services and testing.

Case Thumb Assembly and Secondary Operations

Programming & Design
Our programmers utilize various software platforms to design the most efficient CNC programs.