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From consumer to corporate, and from land to air, we serve a variety of industries. Our world-class facilities and large fleet of machines have made us well equipped for adapting to the unique needs of the diverse customers we serve.

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Protecting our beautiful nation is no easy feat: manufacturing components for the defense industry requires materials which must be durable, accurate and able to withstand the extreme conditions that our military men and women work in every day. Advantech’s workmanship provides reliable components in support of our military.
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Trucks and trains which travel across the country can rest assured that their parts are manufactured with unparalleled quality thanks to our relentless pursuit of perfection. Whether you are moving people or goods, we ensure that all parts are made with quality and care.
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Modern civilization would fall apart without power and energy. This industry serves nearly every aspect of society and requires the absolute best in service and parts. We are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of parts, creating the best quality of life for our country.
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Manufacturing components for medical devices and equipment requires absolute precision, superior cleanliness, and the utmost attention to quality. Our expertise allows us to meet and exceed these demanding requirements.
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We live in an “always on” world where almost every person is connected to each other through multiple devices. Whether your communication is focused on civilian, business, or military applications, our facilities support the manufacturing of components for multiple industries.
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The nature of mining equipment makes them dependent on maximum durability. These parts and components are subjected to extreme and repeated force while breaking through the bedrock of Earth. Our focus on quality parts ensures a longer lifespan for mining equipment.
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Oil & Gas

This industry works with some of the most hazardous conditions. That is why the parts that we manufacture for oil drilling, offshore drilling, and refinement are built tough. The components that we manufacture are precise and withstand extreme conditions, ensuring success for our clients.
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Consumer Products

Whether your brand serves a practical purpose or exists solely for entertainment, your customer satisfaction is dependent on the quality of your product. Our business goal is to ensure that custom consumer product part manufacturing only enhances your business goals.

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