Custom Metal Product Offerings

Thanks to our talented design engineers and the wide variety of machines with near limitless capabilities, Advantech is able to offer many different metal parts and products for our clients. We are able to offer customization, precision and accuracy, and a quick turnaround time thanks to our Mission Critical Mindset.

Below is a short selection of the products we are capable of manufacturing.

Sheet Metal Components

  • Cut into a variety of custom shapes and sizes
  • Various thicknesses from thin foil to plate steel
  • Work with various metals: stainless steel, aluminum, brass and more

Complex Machined Parts

  • Serving industries such as transportation, aerospace, and mining
  • Metal couplings and hydraulic valves
  • Complex features such as holes, threads, inserts, and cross holes

Electro-Mechanical Assemblies

  • Assemble or modify equipment and devices
  • Devices such as servomechanisms, brakes, actuators, appliances
  • Testing and inspection of completed units

Imaging Systems

  • Used for observation and capturing images
  • Combines lens systems, lighting source, and computer hardware
  • Magnify or enhance visuals of smaller or microscopic objects

Electrical Enclosures

  • Cabinets for electrical/electronic equipment
  • Can mount switches, knobs, or displays for control
  • Prevents electric shock to equipment and users


  • Rugged and durable storage
  • Stainless steel is bacteria resistant
  • Metal cabinets can resist heat and chemicals


  • Base or frame of motor vehicles
  • Rolling chassis when running gear is included
  • Structure or framework for components in audio, radio, computers

Complex Frames

  • Welding metal to form custom frames
  • Small or large, simple or complex
  • Larger frames built to specified tolerances

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